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To our patrons and supporters,


As I reflect on the year 2023, it brings me great joy to know that our artists have touched the souls of our community. 


Whether you've giggled along with us at a standup comedy night, or you held your breath when Sister Agnes graced the stage, we had the pleasure of knowing that our theatre company found strength in sharing stories.


Rest is integral to the creative process, as one evaluates what work one wants to create versus the work that the world needs to see. In 2023, we found that the work we needed to complete did not fall into the glamor category. 


As the Producing Artistic Director, it is my privilege to present opportunities for creativity, and it is my duty to provide a well-resourced environment for my artists. 


In 2024, Unnamed Theatre Company will be taking an intermission. It is our desire in the coming year to reflect and prepare for the years to come, and to support the artists and creatives that make theatre happen in Southern California. 


May peace and art fill your 2024.


In Happiness for the New Year,



Veronica Elena Holley (she/her)

Producing Artistic Director - Founder

Unnamed Theatre Company

Unnamed Theatre Company
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