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about Unnamed Theatre Company


We’re smart, scrappy and sprightly theatre creators who affirm that art should honor the humanity of all peoples. We seek to uplift and empower the voices of the unheard, the unattended to and the undesired, so that we may create theatre experiences that touch the souls of our community and push the boundaries of creativity.


We are in a period of great change and uncertainty in our country. There is so much division within our people, that we wander wondering where it all went wrong. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but what we do know is that united, we are stronger; united we are one.


Truthful Storytelling

We bring overlooked, misunderstood, and morally challenging pieces to the forefront and ask our audiences the tough question: what triggers a person from going from extreme goodness to extreme evil?

Equitable Representation for All

Theatre was made for the masses, to the masses. We ask ourselves: are all stories valid and worthy of being told? We seek to represent those who have not been represented.

  • We seek to create theatre for those whom theatre has long-since overlooked, creating spaces and telling stories by and for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to partake in or consume theatre.

  • We seek to create a wholly inclusive environment for all those who love differently and completely.

  • We seek to make accessible room at our table for our Disabled community.

  • We commit to being Anti-Racist in our practices and policies. At our core, we can agree that kindness, love and honesty are the tenets of being a good person. Having this point of agreement allows us to connect beyond our differences, activating us to create an anti-racist environment for our patrons and our theatrical company.

Humbling Compassion and Love for our Communities

We challenge ourselves to do no harm in our goal of loving our communities. We seek to be compassionate in our business practices and in our storytelling.

Founder - Producing Artistic Director

Veronica Elena Holley.jpg

Veronica Elena Holley

Veronica (she/her/hers) is a stage manager, actor and published poet from Southern California. She founded Unnamed Theatre Company to go back to the roots of theatre: to create theatre for the masses by the masses, to teach and to entertain.  Productions she has stage managed include: COMPANY, UrinetownTaming of the Shrew: Reverse, Guys and Dolls, and Rosencrans and Guildenstern Are Dead. Performance credits and updates on her poetry can be found on her website.

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